Decks & Railings

Decks & Railings

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A deck is a structural element in a garden that could be compared to a terrace. This wooden deck can be raised or put directly on the ground. Installation is strongly supported by a set of wooden pillars usually on concrete footings. The pillars will support a wooden framework attached to them and the wooden platform will be eventually placed there. Depending on the design of the deck, it can provide living spaces both above and below the structure. Our work material can add design elements such as arbors, trellises, benches or planters, getting beautiful harmonic environments made entirely out of wood. The decks are one of the residential improvements which enjoy the greatest popularity. Few of them can be compared to placing a wood deck for usefulness, beauty and increased value. The decks provide added space for entertaining or relaxing and provide an excellent outdoor space for recreation of the children. Placed in front of the sea or a lake, they are a natural transition between the house and the water and provide a beautiful view. The cost of the investment is recovered by itself, by means of the lifestyle enrichment and increased property value. Whatever the form, level or pattern you choose, with or without hot tub, grills, gates and railings, they all enjoy the quality, durability and guarantee all our products.


Railings are very practical and aesthetic wooden structures. They are manufactured in various types of models, from classic to contemporary, and can be placed around terraces, in decks, pergolas or in ladders no matter how many tranches they have. In this case, the railing sections are formed by surrounding the stairwell of the building and will be stained according to samples provided by the customer. This type of fencing, manufactured in wood, fit perfectly in rustic, classic and modern environments, and we offer a wide range of possibilities. Since every house and every person are different, we adapt to all kinds of ideas and projects. In the times that we are experiencing plenty of changes in terms of building materials, the wood continues to be a leading fashion material, fit to each type of project. A railing of a house, is not just a protection system, but also a furniture that can give more warmth and style to the environment. Are wooden railings are specially treated and may be used both indoors and outdoors.

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