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The use of wooden fence posts is one of the most economical solutions for applications in fences. Wood has a more favorable strength to weight ratio than steel, and much more favorable ratio than concrete.
In addition, treated poles, require little maintenance, they adapt to any climate and are very durable. If you need fence posts, we have them treated for ground contact with CCA 0.40 pounds per cubic foot, for an estimated 15 years durability.

Among the numerous advantages of wooden fence posts, we include its low cost compared to metal or concrete, lower installation costs and transport and physical properties of good flexural strength and impact, good elasticity and moderate weight. They come in various sizes, diameters and lengths. They are ideal for the construction of farm fences, patios, stables and ranches.



Fence Posts
Treated with CCA 0.40 lbs/ft3 for ground contact.
Estimated duration of 15 years

Diameters from 4 “to 6″
Lengths from 6 ‘to 20′
Uses: Fences for farms, stables, yards, ranches.

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