Playground Accesories

Playground Accesories

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The swings have been from immemorial times, a favorite choice for outdoor games, especially for children, (and for not as young people also). A swing set in the backyard is an investment that any parent can appreciate: a simple toy that provides children of all ages hours of outdoor exercise and entertainment. If you want to enrich your garden or background with swings, there are a lot of options and designs to choose from. If you choose a wooden one and decide to do it yourself there are available kits, that come with wooden stands designed for your project.

The number of options is still amazing. But if you consider acquiring a classic swing set of two seats, made of 4×4 wood and assemble it with your own hands, you can have that too. Whether you want to build your own wooden swing or you prefer it already made, think of us. Note that this wood will be exposed to the weather, climate changes and insect attack for many years. Our company only brings the best woods that are treated, certified and guaranteed.

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