European Certified Pallets

European Certified Pallets

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A pallet is a container made of wood or other materials used in moving and freight goods. Its shape allows small bunch and hydraulic lifting cranes or forklifts to move them allowing the grouping of the goods. This packaging system was first used by the U.S. military during World War II, to supply its troops in Europe. The wooden pallet holds over 90 % of the pallets market. Currently, international law requires that the wood pallets intended for export meet certain requirements.

The wood pallet must be subjected to a temperature of at least 56 degrees Celsius for half an hour and it should be impregnated with metal bromide. North American countries signed an agreement on January 2, 2004 to implement new regulations respect to wooden pallets according to the IPPC- ISPM 15 (North American Plant Protection Organization) guidelines. Besides heat treatment and fumigation, wooden pallets must be marked on two of its sides following the IPPC standard. Our pallets are manufactured in accordance with all current regulations and have warranty.




Dimension: 1.00 x 1.20
Uses: Products Export
Type: Reusable
Certified: Heat Treatment
NIMF15 Compliance Statement
Complies with ISPM15 ENVES DE NIMF15

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